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Mythological Creatures and the Chinese Zodiac in Origami : John Montroll

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This is yet another book by John Montroll and encompasses fantasy creatures with other animals. John Montroll’s designs are of an intermediate level in this book, though there are a couple of designs here, which would fall in the simple category (such as the spade, diamond, club and heart).

I have folded a few models from this book and have found the diagrams and instructions really easy to follow. One must be aware though, that a slightly larger sized square sheet of paper is required to fold any of these models. A size of 8” or more will do just fine. This is because most of the folds are intricate especially when it comes to folding the feet and ears, etc of the animals and with a smaller sized paper it will be really difficult to do so.

Montroll has clearly marked the designs as per complexity levels and has included some ingenious ones such as the cereberus, Pegasus, griffin, sea serpent, chimera, wyvern, centaur, unicorn and 3 headed dragon amongst the Mythological creatures. The animals comprising the Chinese zodiac are – rat, ox, tiger, snake, rabbit, rooster, boar, dog, Chinese dragon, monkey, ram and horse.

As you can imagine the mythological creatures are more complicated to fold than the zodiac animals. However, this book is a great one to have in your library and has imaginative and captivating designs to fold.

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