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Origami Sea Life : John Montroll and Robert J. Lang

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This book has been rated as one of the best books for all origamists…as it has something for everyone – beginners, intermediate folders and complex models. However, this cannot be used as a basic book to start off with, that is. John Montroll and Robert Lang have taken the pains of showcasing their designs and explaining in detail in the form of diagrams the steps to fold some of the most pretty and intriguing sea creatures in this world.

The book has 38 designs to choose from out of which 3 are extremely simple in nature, 15 intermediate, 13 complex and 7 are very complex by nature.

However, there are very few designs for beginners and therefore its a good idea to buy this book if you have a bit of experience in origami as most of the pretty designs are intermediate to complex in nature.

The book contains instructions to fold a tadpole, a tadpole with hind legs, a froglet, a frog, a walrus, sperm whale, humpback whale, killer whale, dolphin, giant clam, hawk-wing conch, spider conch, murex, chambered nautilus shell, cuttlefish, seahorse, carp, brill, ocean sunfish, triggerfish, angelfish, goldfish, cichlid, sailfish, barracuda, blue shark, angler fish, black-devil angler, lionfish, starfish, sand dollar, Atlantic purple sea urchin, bay barnacle, horseshoe crab, hermit crab, blue crab, fiddler crab and the American lobster.

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