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Animal Origami for the Enthusiast : John Montroll

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This book by John Montroll contains designs, which are intermediate to complex in nature, for experienced folders. This particular book reminds me of a “best of” volume as it has designs from most of his other books such as dinosaurs, sea creatures, insects and other animals. All of these designs can be folded form a single square sheet of origami paper.

As with his other books, too, Montroll first introduces the reader to various preliminary folds or bases, which he has used throughout the book. The symbols, which are used in the book, are the most commonly used ones and are easy to follow.

It is better to use solid colored origami (double-sided) for John Montroll’s models. This is because if a single side colored paper is used the white or blank side tends to ‘stick out’ in areas like the legs of animals, ears, claws, etc. This then tends to spoil the overall look of the completed model. John Montroll has covered designs for the angelfish, seal, walrus, starfish, crane, swan, eagle, owl, t-rex, brontosaurus, snake, turtle, frog, bear, kangaroo, giraffe, fox, elephant, antelope, spider, crab, lobster, ornament and a simple star.

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