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Origami Student Project Guideline

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  • 3 to 5        [ Primary School ]
  • 6 to 8        [ Middle School ]
  • 9 to 12      [ High School ]
Brief Description
  • Students complete hands-on activities that teach about origami, an asian paper-folding art form.
Objectives : (Students will complete)
  • Define the word origami,
  • Learn about the history of origami,
  • Follow directions to complete origami projects.
  • Asia, Art, Asian, American, Origami, Paper Folding Art, Japanese, Paper Craft, 
Materials Needed
  • Teacher-selected library sources about origami or printouts from the sites listed in the lesson
  • One sheet of square paper per student
  • Computers with Internet access (optional)
Lesson Plan
  • Discuss the meaning of the word origami. Explain information about origami from teacher-selected sources or from these suggested sites. History of Origami  (The Art of Japan: Origami: History).
  • Have students view examples of origami at Diagrams or Designs (Simple Origami, Intermediate Origami, Complex Origami) or make printouts from this site.
  • Simple Origami for the 3rd to 5th Educators, Intermediate Origami for the 6th to 8th Educators and in the last Complex Origami are for the 9th to 12th Educators.
  • Distribute the paper. Tell students that they are going to make a paper crane, a classic origami design. Help students follow the step-by-step directions at any of these suggested sites, or make printouts for the class.
  • Have students make other origami projects using the directions from the sites mentioned above Origami : The Paper Folding Art
  • Evaluate students' completed projects.
Lesson Plan Source
  • Origami : The Paper Folding Arts
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  • Origami
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