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Origami Step by Step : Robert Horbin

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This is an extremely old edition of an origami book and I daresay most of the models depicted in it have been improved upon in the recent years. The designs in this book are mostly the collection of Patricia Crawford who is known for her intricate and sometimes complex folds. Again, this book is not really for the greenhorns and origamists should be experienced; there are a few designs in the very beginning of this book, which are simple and easy. But as you progress through the book, the level of complexity increases.

The symbols used are based on those by Akira Yoshizawa and you should familiarize yourself with these before attempting any design from this book. From this book, I love the ‘scorpion’ and the ‘full rigged ship’ the best. These are ingenious and really look great when completed. Designs like the unicorn and the kangaroo have been improved upon and can be folded from John Montroll’s books instead of this one.

The full rigged ship or the ‘crawfordian’ ship as it is called, is a classic and can be found in almost every origamists collection. The diagrams in the book are clear and if followed exactly ‘step-by-step’, can produce amazing results.

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