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Origami Jet

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Origami paper folding allows the creator to make complex shapes out of a simple piece of paper. Making a jet fighter is an excellent beginner's project, which doesn't require advanced folds but still teaches the folder the importance of being precise with their fold lines. The craft is best performed with a piece of A4 origami paper, however it can also be completed with a standard piece of letter paper if you do not have origami paper available.

First Step (with First Sheet)
Fold C to B

Fold D to a point a little above CB

Turn over the paper.

Fold edge CB, A down to the bottom edge

Unfold completely

Make mountain and valley folds along the lines shown in the figure

Fold up B & C 

Make mountain fold along the line indicated on both sides.

Fold down the wings along the mark indicated

The first section is complete

 Second Step (with another sheet)
Fold the paper in half and unfold. Then fold up edge CD to the point indicated.

Make mountain fold along the lines

Fold in half

Fold down B & D on both sides

The second section is complete

Third Steps (Set both sheet designs to each other)
Insert the first section forward through the centre crease between C & D

Fold D & C into the first section to make it firm. Fold E firmly into the base of the first section.

The fighter jet is complete

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