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Origami Bird

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This is a double colour design you can make by sticking the white sides of two square papers together.  

Crease and unfold the two diagonals, then fold corner A to the centre point.

Pull the triangle downwards, along crease CB.

Fold edges C and B along the markings to reach the points marked in the figure.

Crease and unfold C and B

Turn over the paper

Fold D forward along the line marked

Pull out Corner A (corner of the triangle made in the 2nd step) from inside

Fold down A along the marked line, level with the folded edge.

Mountain fold along the marking. Fold C behind

Fold up B & C along existing hidden creases made in the 3rd step 

Fold D inside along the crease to make the head. Fold out the feet along the marking to create a stable base for the bird.

The bird is complete. 

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