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Origami Crane

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The crane is a traditional origami model which has been folded for hundreds of years. The crane stands for long life and good luck, and some people think that if you fold 1000 cranes you will be granted a wish! Since the Second World War the origami crane has also come to be a symbol for "peace".

Crease and unfold a vertical diagonal, then fold D up to A

Fold the triangle inside from both sides along the marked line to the centre crease

Fold out corners B and C along the marking

Pull out D from inside A

Flatten D on top of A

Turn over

Separate A and D by pulling A and D out separately along the thicker line and bringing C to touch B

Lift up corner C, flattening the paper at the left

Fold B behind

Reverse fold D. Fold the bottom corners out to make the bird sit. 

The Crane (sitting bird) is ready

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