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Origami Boat

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The boat can be made in various shapes and sizes, from the simple to the intricate ones. Then, you have the paper sailboat, a type of boat that looks like the real one. The success in making the craft depends upon the way you fold the paper. Paper boat craft gives you immense opportunity to explore your creativity. It also enables the family members to spend some quality time with each other. We bring you the procedure to make a paper boat for your kid. Go through the instructions given in the lines below and learn how you can fold a boat to make it float in water. Take a sheet of paper of the size A4 (8 1/2" x 11"). 

Fold the upper half down on the red line. 

Find the centre line by folding the left side on the right side and by unfolding. 

At the bottom fold the top strip upward on the red line.

 Fold the two small triangles on the left and on the right backwards to make them disappear.

Turn the paper over and fold the other lower strip upwards. You have formed the well known paper hat.  (if you're finding the origami too challenging with a group of kids, you can always just stop here and wear your hats as sailor hats!!)

Turn the hat 90 degrees and open it. The thumbs must be inside. Lay the upper and the lower parts on each other.

Lay the upper and the lower parts on each other so it looks like a diamond (see the image to the right).

Fold the lower front triangle upwards on the red line.

It must look like this.

Turn the paper over and fold up the other lower triangle. You get a hat without a brim.

Open the hat again and put the upper part on the lower one.

Pull the upper corners of the triangles in direction of the arrows.  As you pull these corners you'll see the boat forming before your eyes.

Pull the upper corners of the triangles in direction of the arrows...
... as much as possible. Form the boat. The paper boat is finished. 
 If using 8.5" x 11" ink jet paper the sail will be visible above the sides of the boat.  

Stretch the boat both to the right and left, and then separate it slightly from underneath so it can float.

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