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Origami Windmill

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Windmills have been used in many countries to turn heavy stones that grind corn or wheat, or to pump water. Nowadays tall windmills use the wind to make electricity.It's easy to make a paper windmill in the class room or at home, using a square of paper, scissors, a pin, and a stick of wood. If you like you can also decorate your windmill so it looks even better when its spinning in the wind!
fold the paper from the left edge to the right edge, crease well and then unfold

Fold to meet the center line along the crease

fold the paper from the bottom edge to the top edge, crease well and then unfold. 
Open the corners and fold forward in the doted line 

Press it smoothly below to upper side  

repeat same folding direction for upper part 

fold the bottom left corner down and fold the top right corner up as showing arrow with the doted line

Windmill is ready

Attach to a Straw with a pin or paper cup to make a windmill or to a pencil to make a pinwheel you can play with

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