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Steps to Creating an Origami Piece
  • The first thing you want to do in creating a beautiful origami piece is find a smooth work space. You will not be able to make nice, crisp folds without a good work space. Then find the origami instructions you want to make. If it is your first project, start with an easy origami piece. Purchase the paper you intend to use, and then cut it to the required size and form. Some pieces need a rectangle, square, or triangle to start. Now your are ready to begin folding.
  • Make each fold carefully, and press firmly across the entire edge of the fold. Work slowly and carefully. Work step by step, and look ahead to make sure your work looks like the picture in your origami folding instructions. Work hard to master the simple folds, then move on to more complex designs.
Benefits of Origami
  • Because origami is such a detailed and complex skill, learning origami helps in many areas. Origami improves reading and writing skills, as the person learning origami must read and follow directions carefully and precisely. Because it deals with geometric shapes, origami also helps improve math skills.
  • Origami is a multi-cultural art and therefore it helps increase awareness of other peoples and cultures. Learning origami also teaches good behavior skills, such as the ability to follow directions. In addition, the process develops an appreciation for precision and helps people to learn to control their frustrations. Origami requires patience and tenacity, and the skills can be learned while having fun!
Final Tips for Origami
  • When you are ready to start, pick a fairly easy origami project. This will keep you from getting frustrated as you begin. Wash and carefully dry your hands, so that you do not get your project dirty. You may want to practice certain basic folds before starting a project. Think about the folds you will need, and practice them on simple copy paper. This practice will keep you from wasting your valuable origami paper.
  • As you practice, you will begin to learn to love origami. Think about making a vase full of origami flowers, or hanging origami cranes from your Christmas tree. The things you can do with this beautiful art are endless! Get some origami instructions and begin your new hobby today!
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