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Basic Skills (Folds)

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Pureland origami is a style of origami that is done by creating only one fold at a time. Because of these restrictions, proponents of the theory have devised alternate methods of folding more complicated steps that have very similar results.
  • A valley fold is the first basic fold, in which the paper is folded in front of itself.
  • A mountain fold is the second basic fold, in which the paper is folded behind itself. An easier way to do this is to turn the paper over first and then do a valley fold and turn the paper back over again.
  • A pleat fold is several evenly-spaced parallel mountain and valley folds. It is also called an "accordion fold."
  • A radial pleat fold is an angled pleat fold, usually with a focus point on an edge or corner.
  • A blintz fold is made by folding the corners of a square into the center. This can be achieved with higher accuracy by folding and unfolding two reference creases through the center.
Valley Fold

Mountain Fold

Pleat (Accordion) Fold

Blintz Fold


1. Pocket Fold
Fold to make a crease and unfold.

 Hold the top and tuck in.
2. Hood Fold
Fold to make a crease and unfold.

 Open the pocket and fold to cover the top.

3. Step Fold
Fold in the dotted lines like making a stair.
Explanation of Diagrams

 Fold Forward

Fold backward

Fold and Unfold

 Step Fold

Turn Over

Turn Around

Pocket Fold

Hood Fold
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